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January 7, 2012



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Explore the most realistic and beautiful realtime simulation of 'Lunar Flight' in this unique and challenging game. Experience the heart pounding sense of dread as you deliver supplies to moon bases with only seconds of fuel to spare! A modern take on the classic arcade game, Lunar Lander, Lunar Flight extends the experience to a fully fictionalized and accessible lunar module simulator providing a variety of mission types involving transporting cargo, acquiring data at survey locations and locating lost cargo.


A simple experiment

Lunar Flight began its life as a simple experiment in Unity, snowballing into an obession to create a fun, challenging and deeply immersive experience. First released on Desura it soon found it's way onto Steam.


  • 3 Large Moon Levels + Bonus Mars Content
  • Authentic Newtonian space physics
  • Addictive challenging flight simulation
  • Amazing immersive soundscape
  • Spectacular graphics and effects
  • Earn money and experience from transport, survey and lost cargo recovery missions
  • Random mission generation
  • Purchase upgrades and action items for the lunar module
  • Online time trial and pilot leader boards


Short New Trailer YouTube

Launch Trailer YouTube

Mars Update Trailer YouTube

Awards & Recognition

    • "Best Audio - Freeplay Independant Games Festival " Melbourne Australia, 10 September, 2012

    Selected Articles

      • "Alongside the delicacy of the simulation, Lunar Flight’s great achievement lies in its aesthetics."
        - Adam Smith, Rock Paper Shotgun
      • "Lunar Flight wraps an enjoyable physics simulation in an approachable and fun package."
        - Some Guy, SimHQ
      • "I was pleasantly surprised at the quality, look and feel of Lunar Flight."
        - Edwin Millheim, Impulse Gamer
      • "Go Land on the Moon, it’s Real Pretty up There"
        - Luke Plunkett, Kotaku

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      About Shovsoft

      Shovsoft is an independent game development outfit started by Sean ‘sh0v0r’ Edwards. Shovsoft sources content and skills through outsourcing and contractual work. Our first title 'Lunar Flight' was released for PC/Mac across a variety of Digital Download Channels including Steam in 2012. We aim to build upon our initial success with Lunar Flight and grow into a fully fledge Indie Development Studio targeting PC and Mobile Platforms.

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      Lunar Flight Credits

      Sean Edwards
      Shovsoft Director, Lead Developer

      Jason Poots
      Music, 3D Models, Freelancer

      Matt Carr
      Programming Support, Freelancer

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