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Voigtkampf Review – 4/5

It’s always a pleasant surprise to come across a good review of Lunar Flight, you can read Voigtkampf’s review here.

For German visitors…

Hi to my German friends, want to watch a video in your native tongue then check out this great video from Wirschweifenab indie podcast.

“Normally I’m not into simulations at all, I just don’t seem to have the patience for really learning the mechanics of them and everything. But with Lunar Flight it’s different. I really dig the atmosphere of the game, I think that the visuals and the soundtrack fit perfectly. And when I finally got the first mission done without crashlanding or any other big mistakes, it felt so rewarding that I will remember it for a long time. So congratulations on a job well done, I hope that Lunar Flight will turn out to be a success for you.” - Philipp Spilker

On Rock Paper Shotgun again today…

Rock Paper Shotgun has another excellent write up today about the release of Lunar Flight.

Flight School Videos Problem Fixed

Thanks to Youtube channel ApocalypseHug for bringing to my attention an issue with the Flight School videos, they were only showing Tutorial 1 on each page. This has now been fixed!

Now available on Gamers Gate!

I’m pleased to announce you can now also buy Lunar Flight on Gamers Gate.

Lunar Flight on Steam?

Please help get Lunar Flight onto Steam by replying to THIS THREAD and showing your support on the Steam forums.

Lunar Flight was submitted to Valve for review on the 10th of January…

Lunar Flight is GOLD – Version 1.0

I am very happy to announce that the game is finished and Version 1.0 is now available on Desura

To celebrate the release a new Launch Trailer is available. Click HERE to watch in HD.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has supported the game thus far!

It has been a long road to release and now its time for me to catch up on some much needed sleep…

0.9994 Update Patch Released

This small (4mb) patch fixes the Cockpit Monitor so it offsets correctly when in Fullscreen Cockpit mode and using a 16/10 aspect ratio resolution.

It should be available on Desura today sometime after it is approved…

0.9993 Update Is now Available

[UPDATE] The latest build is now available…

Get your Desura clients ready, the next build will be released within the next 24hrs. It brings with it a Leaderboard reset and older profiles are not compatible. This means everyone will start at the beginning again. The reasons for this are due to format changes and a rebalance of the costs of upgrades and rank XP requirements.

View the change list HERE on the forums.

The new build also features the ability to play in practice/unlimited fuel mode as well as an accurate landing mode which requires all 4 feet to be inside the pad circles before the pad will register the LM.

A new Skill XP bonus has been added for completion of missions which factors in the landing accuracy mode and what upgrades you had installed during the mission. Using Upgrades lowers the Skill bonus, this was added to counter some of the feedback about the game getting easier as you add upgrades. This should hopefully satisfy the more experienced pilots who enjoy the challenge. Note you can still buy upgrades and they can now be enabled and disabled.

There are many more additions and bug fixes to mention and I am expecting that this will be the final beta release before the game is considered version 1.0 Gold…

Flight School – Official Lunar Flight Tutorials

I’ve finally completed 10 training  videos in 720p HD to help you get started and learn how everything works in Lunar Flight.

Access the videos using the new Flight School menu in the tool bar at the top of this page.

Full screen viewing is recommended…

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