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Gameplanet Interview

I did an interview for Gameplanet recently, a great set of questions covering all things Lunar Flight and Shovsoft. You can read it here

Lunar Flight v1.6 Mars Update Now Available!

The Mars update is now ready to play on Steam!

Desura, Gamers Gate & SimMarket versions will be updated soon as well.

The Mars Dynamic Storm System

This video is a time accelerated scenic flight around the Mars map visiting all the bases. During the flight 2 major dust storms are encountered.

The Storms are completely random in both direction and intensity and create cross wind physics to deal with.

Official Mars Update Trailer

Here’s the Official Mars Update Trailer: 720p HD Version


Mars Update Dated – 26th August 2012

  • New Music From Jason Poots
  • New Mars Based Physics
  • Dynamic Dust Storms with cross wind physics
  • New Mars Surface Map
  • New Achievements
  • More Missions
  • More Time Trials
  • FREE!


Lunar Flight – Mars Update Environment Test

This video demonstrates what the Mars level environment effects will be like in the up coming Mars Content Update for Lunar Flight. It includes Scene Cloud Layers that can be flown through, Dust Storms with wind direction, Sky gradient colour matched fog.

This test was done using the existing Canyons map and a specific unique Mars terrain has yet to be created. The Lunar Module has maximum upgrades. Due to the increased gravity and atmospheric drag constants, 85% Standard base level thrust is required to lift off. This comes down to %39 with the Level 3 Thrust Upgrade. Dust Storms will be dynamic with varying levels of intensity, higher winds will create crosswind drifts in the physics.

It is highly recommended you experience this in 720p HD quality, Fullscreen with the Audio Turned up! 🙂

Stay tuned for more updates as development continues…

Lunar Flight’s #1 Leaderboard Time Trial Pilot showing why he is #1

Here’s Thrust Vectoring Master ‘ImSorry’ doing what he does best, smash Time Trial Leaderboard Records in Lunar Flight. What’s more incredible about ImSorry’s skill is that he flies with the Keyboard!

Mars Update!

I’m happy to announce that due to many requests/suggestions and the awesome
ness of the Curiosity Mars Landing, the next Lunar Flight update will feature a Mars Map and will be suggested as (Expert Difficulty). I’ve been doing a bit of thinking about it and it seems like a great concept to pursue.

Clearly this is a fictional scenario and the LM was never designed for Mars but it should make for a fun new set of challenges. Featuring a brand new Ambient Music Track from Jason Poots, Mars will also be a visual contrast to the Moon. A variety of terrain features, erroded from water flows, dusty clouds and dense fog. We are also looking into to adding dust build up on the LM which will be spottless clean when you get a New LM.

For the experienced Module Pilot, Mars offers a new set of physics dynamics to add to the mix.
With it’s higher gravity constant and low atmospheric density creating drag, fuel consumption will be higher. This will be a level that you will want to have your LM upgraded for but the Mission rewards will be worth it.

This will be a free content update to say thankyou to all the people who have supported the project thus far. You have been waiting for something new to play and the update will include additional Achievements to get and a new highest Rank, Level 8 (Title TBD)

There will be further announcements in the coming weeks about additional new features coming to Lunar Flight.

Steam Summer Sale %50 Off!

The Steam Summer Sale is on and you can pick up Lunar Flight at %50 off until the 24th July!


The New Replay System (1.4) Update

For a long time I’ve wanted to have a Replay System in Lunar Flight but it was always a lower priority. This was partly because I needed to finish the game and partly because it is an interestingly challenging programming task, something that I wasn’t confident in having a go at. But as the video below demonstrates I have completed it and it turned out allot better than I had expected. It’ll be in the next update(1.4) within a few days and hope you guys have a lot of fun with it.

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