Multiplayer (1.7)

I am currently working on version 1.7 which will be a significant update that will finally add Multiplayer. I have already made significant progress on it but still have some amount of work to go before it will be released, I am aiming for a late February release. Due to the fact that Lunar Flight was developed before adding Multiplayer some systems are having to be redesigned to support synchronization of their state between clients and the server.

I also want to look at adding some ‘Multiplayer’ specific game modes but have yet to decide what that will be. There will be a simple Free mode where multiple people can play in the same map and conduct missions independently. One mode I have been thinking about is a race to reach a set XP score within a certain amount of time, additional modes maybe added in future updates.

LAN and Online play will be supported, LAN mode will auto discover any servers on the local network. I am planning to have a Master Server listing to make it easier to find a server to play on. You can select which map to play on, add a password, add a region name, limit the number of players. The region name is an optional setting and if you want to open your game to the public and improve the chances of getting people in your region to play. For example I will added ‘Australia’ and people browsing the server listing can see that my server is in Australia.

When you connect to a server you start off in a ‘Lobby’ view where you can see a list of available bases you can spawn at and chat with other players. (Voice chat is being considered also)
If all 4 bases on a map are occupied, any other players waiting to spawn will have to wait until one is available. Like wise players wanting to land at an occupied base will have to land nearby and wait for the pad to be clear.

I will be contacting some people to offer the chance to test it for a closed Beta stage soon.

Difficulty Settings

I have been wanting to make the game more accessible and plan to introduce a set of Difficulty options.  These settings will affect the rewards you receive when completing a Mission, having the Easy settings enabled will drastically reduce the mission rewards earned.

  • Unlimited Fuel
  • Indestructible
  • Auto Leveling
  • Accurate Landing

Miscellaneous Fixes and Polish

1.7 will also contain any bug fixes that have been reported and also a few little polish improvements.

Oculus Rift VR Support – April 

I am a backer of the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality devkit and am expecting my devkit to arrive near the end of March. Unity is adding support for it and I intend to add a mode to support it. This mode will most likely limit the Camera to Full Scren HUD mode when turned on but I will have to wait to see and do some experimenting with it. I plan to take the Rift with me to PAX AU in July to demo it to the press which I hope will help Lunar Flights exposure by being one of the only Oculus products on display. The Oculus mode will be added in a future update after the 1.7 update, this will only really be useful to those who have a devkit, until Oculus release their consumer grade kit to market in 2014.