After Months of work I’m finally ready to show off the Multiplayer to world. This build is 99.9% complete but I want to put it through some testing before making it official.

The Beta is only available on Steam, to get it Right Click on Lunar Flight in your games list and select Properties. Next click on the Beta tab, then Select Beta – Windows beta Build and it should start to download.

There are 5 new Inputs:

  • C – Will toggle the Chat Window on and off in the Spectator View
  • Home – Will Display the Scoreboard
  • Right Shift (A on XBox Controller) – Fire Missile
  • Right Ctrl (X on XBox COntroller) – Fire Flare
  • / (forward Slash) – Switch between Nav and Target modes

When running your Server you will need to access the Menu and go to Server Controls to Start the Round once everyone has loaded. I do plan to add an Auto Cycle feature for this so you can start it up and leave it to keep running.

I’m really looking forward to hearing your feedback and I’ll see you ingame!