So far the Lunar Flight Oculus integration has been very well received. It is considered to be one of the benchmark examples of how to make a built for VR experience. Several UI things remain to be added yet, including the ability to view your Stats & Achievements. Additional cockpit features are also planned with additional buttons to control Mission, Time Trial, Navpoint selection and acceptance.

I have been making regular updates to the Beta on Steam, fixing bugs & polishing, so if you haven’t checked it out since the original release you’ll find a huge amount of improvements.

As a treat I put together this Split View video. I captured a replay from both the external flyby camera and from the Oculus Rift viewpoint and then synchronised them in the video edit. The replay is a flight from Alpha to Delta on the Hills map, the replay file is included with the Beta build, it is titled ‘Oculus Demo’ in the Free Flight Category. It is also the replay used to demo the game at official Oculus demonstrations.