I was never happy with the ‘quality’ of the old site as I’m sure anyone else’s eyes would attest to, so I thought it was about time to get something a little more professional looking.

I’m still learning how to get the most out of WordPress but so far it seems pretty cool!

Recently I started to prepare Lunar Flight for prime time and have chosen Desura as the first Digital Distribution candidate. Desura is part of IndieDB and ModDB and you can already find Lunar Flight listed on those sites. I need to find some time to get all the information updated there. I’ll be looking to get it approved on there so I can begin to build the community and start a closed beta test and eventually make it available for sale.

I have also been recruiting some guys to help out with some testing and feedback from SimHQ and Space Flight Forum and those guys have been trying out the latest v0.96c version.

Finally here is the last video demonstration of v0.96, complete with Youtube annotations to describe what’s happening.