The latest Lunar Flight version is now available on Steam and Desura a Gamers Gate patch is yet to be released. The update’s biggest change is a significantly lower amount of Memory usage and better texture compression. This will hopefully address the issue with loading map 3 using Fantastic quality setting with lower spec machines. Video Memory usages is also lower due to the texture compression and this will improve your frame rate noticeably.

– Added: New Logo Effects.
– Changed: Practice mode no longer has penalties for crashing.
– Changed: (Steam)Direct Input registry setting removed due to conflicts with Unity games built with v3.5 of Unity.
– Fixed: Memory Usage is much lower now, should fix map 3 not loading for some players.
– Fixed: Frame Rate improvements due to better texture compression & lower video memory consumption.
– Fixed: (Steam) Install Script corrected to only run once.
– Fixed: (Steam) Achievements not unlocking for some players with older profile data.

Notes: Players who have joystick configuration issues will need to manually add the Direct Input registry setting until Unity provides a fix. For convenience you can download these files which makes it easy to add and remove the registry setting. For more information about this issue please visit this forum topic.