Here’s the sales graph since release, as you can see it’s had quite a drop off. I’ve indicated key events that signify a variation in the average sales. While the initial sales have been ok, if the current average declines anymore it will not be enough to sustain full time development and any significant content additions to the game. It’s still quite early to know how it will perform hidden away on the Simulations page of Steam. There are future Media coverages and Steam sales to happen so we’ll have to wait and see how this goes. One thing to consider is that after Valves cut and tax I will end up with around %50 or less of the revenue.

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This post generated a lot of interest and traffic, I want to make one thing clear is that I am not ‘Abandoning’ the game as some people have suggested. It has been a labour of love for me and it’s something I have invested a lot into. I want to see the game continue to be improved and I will continue to release ongoing updates. When I say ‘Significant Content Updates’ I’m talking about something that would require months of development time to do. Adding new game modes etc… I still have intention of doing that stuff but the speed at which I could produce new content will be a lot slower if I am unable to work on it full time.