After much furious work the upgrade system is now complete. You can view the upgraded performance in the Systems page of the Mission Computer. You can also purchase upto 3 Action Items at a time. You can have any combination as well so you could carry 3 Fuel or 2 Boost and 1 Gyro etc… The instant use of Fuel and Repair items is contrary to my original plan in the previous post but ultimately I think it is more fun to be able to use them like power ups. You can only buy upgrades and items while on a landing pad.

  • Fuel – Instantly add 500 units of fuel
  • Repair- Instantly repair 50% of your hull
  • Boost – Short term engine boost to 300%
  • Gyro – Cancels out any rotation over 4 seconds

The next release will be out very soon… Click the image to view full size.